Session information

Give me your brain: Communicating tricky topics

Tuesday 15 May 2012 (Day 2 of the conference)

14.15 – 15.30

St. Pancras (room in King’s Place)

Jess Smith, Alzheimer’s Society
Kelly Edwards, Motor Neurone Disease Association
Jo Brodie, Diabetes UK
Jenny Gimpel, Freelance
Amir Gander, University College London

Sue Hordijenko, British Science Association

Medical research charities and institutions play a fundamental role in communicating science to different audiences, but how do they tackle tricky issues such as appeals for body donations, or unscientific claims for ‘miracle cures’? Case

studies presented at the start of this session will highlight lessons learned from public engagement projects and charity publicity work on sensitive subjects.

In round table discussions held in the second part of the session, charity and science communicators will further share their successes and experiences in tackling taboo topics, exploring with delegates the challenges faced by all and inviting suggestions for improvements in public engagement and communication on sensitive subjects.

Delegates will be rotated through these round tables in a ‘mad-hatter’ manner to explore the plethora of ways that controversial topics can be handled publicly.

Session format
Panel discussion followed by group discussions.


Rota for table discussions at 'Communicating tricky topics'

Rota for table discussions at ‘Communicating tricky topics’

Conference programme (PDF) – for detailed information see page 17 of 19 (although all the information is pasted here).


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