Speakers’ bios

Jess Smith, Alzheimer’s Society
Jessica.Smith AT alzheimers.org.uk
I have an MSc in Neuroscience from the University of Edinburgh, and following that worked on a project investigating age-related changes in the brain. I discovered a love for science communications and became editor in chief of EUSci magazine, Edinburgh University’s science publication, and was also a member of the podcast team. I now work as Research Communications Officer for Alzheimer’s Society, talking about dementia related science and publicising our research programme: alzheimers.org.uk/research. Alzheimer’s Society provides support and services for people with dementia, and works with people directly affected by dementia to select the research that we fund. You can follow me on my personal twitter, @smiththegeek

Jo Brodie, Diabetes UK | Queen Mary, University of London
Jo.Brodie AT gmail.com
I’ve been involved in charity science communication since joining Diabetes UK as a Science Information Officer in November 2003, a post I still hold part-time. In my second part-time job I’m Public Engagement Co-ordinator for the EPSRC-funded CHI+MED project.At Diabetes UK I provide answers to scientific enquiries from members of the public and healthcare professionals. My work also includes fact checking any statistical information for our campaigns. For CHI+MED I’m responsible for adding content to our website, blog and Twitter and capturing information about the offline engagement work we do (eg at schools, science events and festivals). @JoBrodie / http://bit.ly/jobrodie

Kelly Edwards

Kelly Edwards, Research Information Co-ordinator for the MND Association

Kelly Edwards, Motor Neurone Disease Association
Kelly.Edwards AT mndassociation.org
Kelly is a Research Information Co-ordinator for the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association. She raises awareness of the charity’s role as a leader in funding and promoting MND research by communicating science to people affected by the disease through both online and print material. As well as leading the development of their research blog: mndresearch.wordpress.com, her main interests are tackling taboo subjects in an engaging way and measuring the impact of the work they do. She can be found on Twitter @kelly_jstone.

Amir Gander, University College London
a.gander AT ucl.ac.uk
After a BSc at UCL, Amir joined GlaxoSmithKline as a researcher. He then returned to UCL for a PhD that involved construction of a medical device for patients with liver failure in order to support/replace organ transplantation. Previous employments include organising events in the entertainments industry and organising university orientated conferences for A-level students. His current employment addresses the shortage of human tissue for medical research, which involves establishing a network across UCL to facilitate the transfer of surplus tissue resources from surgery, biobanks and diagnostics. A core aspect is effective public engagement on highly sensitive and controversial issues.

Jenny Gimpel, Freelance
jennygimpel AT gmail.com
Dr Jenny Gimpel completed a PhD in environmental chemistry at the University of Lancaster before moving to a career in science communication. Jenny worked for five years as a PR Manager at University College London before switching to freelance writing, editing and PR consultancy. She has written for Defra’s Landscape magazine, the BBC Human Mind series and the Financial Times (courtesy of a BA Media Fellowship), and currently edits for the Environment Agency and Oxford Science Editing. Formerly a NERC Researcher in Residence, her more recent public engagement work includes hosting an evening event on human body donations to medical schools.


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